100 Creatives 2014: Margaret Menchaca Alvarez

100 Creatives 2014: Margaret Menchaca Alvarez

I made into the Houston Press!!! Click on this link to read my article.




Party of 4




Take a look at this piece I am working on! It is made up of four paintings of the same pooch. Each painting is done on a 16″x 20″ canvas.

$150.00 per canvas

Mention this post and I will make you a deal for four paintings of your pooch!



I’m back to share some new work and to share some good news! After a year and a half of playing around with the idea of starting a business officially, I have decided to get the ball rolling and  “Margaret’s Paintings” will be my new baby in 2013. I am so excited! Thanks for your support and enjoy some of my newest drawings.

Something new!


I am back from vacation and back in the classroom. I took some time off from painting most of the summer but I managed to get a few things done and I want to share.

The signs are a new thing I am offering. They make great yard decor.


This is a new custom piece that I came up with when a friend asked me to create a painting for her. All I needed was the colors and I took it from there. If you are interested in something like this send me an email and I can give you a quote! I am very reasonable with my prices and I rather enjoy what I do so I can have it done fast!ImageImage

Hay Chihuahua!!!


I haven’t posted a blog in while so I thought I might share my latest painting. This is “Chico”! He belongs to my step daughter Trinity. It was Trin’s 11th birthday this past weekend and I painted this for her. I love creating gifts for my family and Trinity holds a special place in my heart. She loves animals and is always so appreciative of everything we do for her. She is a great kid! 

“Chico” was painted on a 14″ x 14″ canvas. This is not the size I commonly use. I will be offering this size at a smaller price for those of you who might be on a budget. Email me for details!

Thanks for stopping by and look out for my newest paintings by following my blog.