100 Paintings 2019

KNOX100In January of 2018 our son, Knox was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and he was 2. Knox is wonderful. He is loving and is full of joy. Like many toddlers, he enjoys playing outside and loves animals. He is unique and genuinely full of life.

Truthfully, when we first found out the diagnosis, it was daunting. This is not something you plan for. We know that autism does not define Knox. He is still the same wonderful child that we love so much. Knowing his diagnosis only helps us navigate the road ahead. In retrospect this experience has been one of the most enlightening experiences we have ever faced, it put everything into perspective for us as parents. This was the beginning of our journey. We searched through many schools till we found a program that would offer interventions and the care he needed. Although this would come at a cost, it was completely worth it.

Last year, I created a campaign in his honor. I am an artist, and I commissioned 100 pet portraits for my son. If you are reading this, then you will see on my website that pet portraits are my specialty. The campaign was called #100paintingsforknox. It was the most fulfilling work I have ever done as an artist. With the extra income from our campaign, we could comfortably pay for the cost of his tuition and any other expenses without worry. I worked the entire summer to finish the paintings. It was amazing.

Knox has been in the program since June of last year and is doing so well! He is in an inclusive classroom where students with and without disabilities learn together. It is a year-round school that offers speech, occupational and music therapy. He also has specialists with him the entire day to work through any challenges he may face. The teachers and staff at his school, are so good with Knox. We get daily reports, and he is talking and growing so fast. We couldn’t be happier with his progress and all of the loving people who touch Knox’s life on a daily basis. We are also endlessly grateful for those who donated and made this possible. It has made a huge difference in his life.

The recommendation is that he continue this program for another year. So here we are again, creating a new campaign with the same mission, to give Knox everything he needs.

Here is how you can help:

  • Order a painting
  • Donate directly to the campaign
  • Share this story with others

Our new campaign will be called, #100paintingsforknox2019.

OUR DEADLINE:  June 30th, 2019

Email me to order or donate!

Pet Portraits-


$100-9×12 Canvas

$150-16×20 Canvas


Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and for sharing our story.

With gratitude,

Margaret Alvarez


To read about our previous campaign:






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